Frizington Community Primary School

People Matter



Our aims are to enable children to:

  • Read fluently and accurately with feeling and understanding

  • Communicate clearly in speech and written form

  • Listen, showing patience and understanding

  • Develop a neat, legible, flowing joined handwriting style and high standards of spelling, grammer, punctuation, and use of language. We believe that spelling and good handwriting go together.

We belive that the ability to use speech and writing to communicate, and express emotions is of great importance. The school follows the National Literacy Strategy.


Phonics is taught in small groups on a daily basis. We follow the Letters and Sounds programme through from Phase 1 to Phase 6. In the early stages, this includes making and playing with sounds, learning the letters of the alphabet and using them to spell simple words. As children progress through the phases they are introduced to pairs of letters that make one sound (digraph) and learn to blend sounds and segment words in order to read and spell accurately. Towards the end of the phases, children work on prefixes and suffixes and spend time understanding spelling rules to equip them with the tools they need to read and spell an unfamiliar word independently.


We use a wide range of published books, including Oxford Reading Tree, Story Worlds, Collins Big Cat, Rigby Star and National Geographic.

Our reading scheme, Cliff Moon, ranges from simple texts for early readers right through to texts for the more fluent. Children are supported to help them progress through these levels and are encouraged to read daily to become more confident readers. They are given many opportunities to develop their reading ability, from guided reading sessions, daily phonics lessons and 1:1 work with an adult through to our weekly 'Strive for 5' initiative, reading raffle and use of the 'Book Barrow' at lunch and play times.