Frizington Community Primary School

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Welcome to our Reception class pages

We had a wonderful time sharing stories with our Year One and Two friends.

Outdoor fun at forest school... Whatever the weather!  Making bird feeders out of our old pumpkin lanterns, playing hide and seek, making mud pies and decorating a Christmas tree for the birds.  Have a look at the wild life camera images on the Forest School Page to see what has been eating the food we left out. 

After we had heard the story of Supertato we found vegetables trapped in our classroom. We suspected that the Evil Pea was responsible and we went on a pea hunt... We wrote captions in speech bubbles, made our own Supertatoes to rescue the poor vegetables.  Then luckily the next day a 'pea trap' was delivered into our outdoor area... We set the trap with an alarm so that we could be warned when the pea had fallen into it! The very next day we found more evidence that the Evil Pea had been up to his tricks again.... Our Supertatoes had been FROZEN!  We work in teams to decide how to 'defrost' the Supertatoes. One was put outside in the sunshine to melt, another was put in a warm bath and the third was set free by using tools!  The children then noticed that the potatoes were very cold so we build a Duplo hospital and wrapped them in cotton wool. 


We had a wonderful time in Antarctica... We made passports, took a flight from Frizington International Airport and when we landed it was VERY cold! We spent two weeks in Antarctica, learning about the animals we might see, the climate and the clothes what we would need to wear.  We became Penguin Experts, enjoyed role playing being Antarctic Explorers, we wrote penguin fact books and a post card home.