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Home Learning

Home learning for Autumn Term 2020


Should you not be able to come to School for any reason, here are some links to learning games, activities and websites to support you in continuing with your learning at home.  There will also be specific activities set for you to complete on Seesaw. 

First a message FOR PARENTS supporting children at home. 

What is PHONICS?

Click on this link to watch a brief video clip on what Phonics is and how you as parents can support your child at home.

Ruth Miskin from Read Write Inc 


How do I say the sounds correctly?  click here to listen to the sounds being spoken. 


If you are not able to be in school you will miss our 'speed Sounds lesson' where we learn or revise a letter sound.  Use the link below to take part in an online Speed sounds lesson.  We are learning SET 1 Sounds.

Ruth Miskin is posting youtube Set 1 'speed sounds' lessons each day from 9:30am and then available to watch for the next 24 hours. 

 Click on the picture to be taken to the link for your child to watch a 'set 1 speed sounds lesson' with in the speed sounds session your child will learn to form the letter.  Please practise this after the session, here are some ideas: using a pencil and paper, bucket of water and paint brush outside, paint and paint brush or even in the steam on a mirror and your finger...

Take a photo and send it to us on Seesaw so we can see how clever you have been!

(We are not yet doing word time reading or spelling sessions).


You can't beat a good story time!  Snuggle up on the sofa, or make a den and share a story together! 

Support Mathematical development.


Chant numbers 0-10, 0-20, what about 10-0 or 20 to 0... 

count anything and everything!  being able to count carefully, one object and saying one number at a time is KEY!

Pick a number between 0 and 10.  Make collections of that number.  eg. 6 - collect 6 eggs, 6 toy cars, 6 Lego bricks, 6 teddies etc etc 


Sing number songs: 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive! 5 little speckled frogs, 5 current buns, 10 green bottles sitting on a wall, 

Pick a number from 0-10 and go on a number hunt around your house. How many number 6's can you find? 

Set up a role play shop or cafe or office and use numbers to pay for items, make the correct number of cookies, press the write numbers on the telephone to make a pretend office call! 

Number jigsaws

In Reception we use CBeebies Numberblocks to Support our Mathematical learning. Click on the picture to be taken to BBC iplayer and watch Numberblocks.