Frizington Community Primary School

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Forest school

We are so lucky to have our own little patch of forest about 5 minutes drive from School. One morning, each week, come rain or shine, the Reception child come to School dressed and ready to be outside. 


We may not be able to get out to our forest School or make trips to the Beach at the moment.  But I thought that you would like to see some images from Granny Borrowdale's Bird Box Camera!   She has been watching a mummy and daddy Blue tit come and go from her bird box for a few weeks now.  First there was a nest... Then on the 8th April she laid her first egg ... Then the next day a second egg.  The mummy blue tit returned every day to lay another egg until she had laid nine eggs.  Only then did she start to incubate them.  She will sit on her eggs for 13-15 days now. During this time the daddy bird will come and feed her while she stays sitting on the eggs.  Fingers crossed the first egg might start to hatch on Wednesday/Thursday 6th/7th May.  I will post photos here for you to see what happens.  If you look carefully on one of the photos you will see a fuzzy blur on the left hand side.  This is the daddy Blue tit coming in and feeding the mummy blue tit... it happens very quickly!


If we were at School we would be able to observe the life cycle of a frog happening in the School pond.  But with School closed I thought that I'd post photos of some tadpoles that my son and I rescued from a puddle a couple of weeks ago. 

We have had them for 3 weeks now and you'll see from the photos that they are growing fast.  They started out being very small black dots with tails and now they are becoming more of a mottled green and if you look carefully you can see their eyes and mouth. We are feeding them with weed that we are collecting from a stream close to our house and pellets of dried cat food. 

Week 4 update:  You can see that the tadpoles have grown quite a bit over this week.  And in the close up photo you can see the mottled green/ brown colours on their bodies.

Week 6 update: The tadpoles have grown again and we can now clearly see eyes and a nose.  They also spend time at the surface of the water now, breathing air, as they no longer have gills.  The shape of their bodies have also changed and they are starting to look a bit like a small frog with no legs only a tail. We are eagerly waiting for the first tadpole to grow some legs, we don't think it will be too long now...